Bloom Rose Centerpiece
Bloom Rose Centerpiece Bloom Rose Centerpiece

Bloom Rose Centerpiece

Bloom’s signature centerpiece is traditionally a low and lush arrangement designed to enhance a dining table while allowing for ease of conversation and banter. Classic and timeless, the Bloom Rose Centerpiece is a classic petal to petal, European style design, featuring rose blooms and greenery. Color options available based on availability. This organic arrangement is perfect for as an everyday centerpiece or for a romantic nuptial. Bloom centerpieces also make for a lively addition to an interior, placed on a console or coffee table.

To create a sleek, cohesive look, all Bloom arrangements are created in opaque containers or clear glass containers lined with a Ti leaf. Allow Bloom’s designers to create a unique piece for you or provide your own specific ideas in the space provided. 

*Flower count and container size increase with each price increment. Flowers, containers and colors subject to availability and season.

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